Dr Sam Greenall featured in the Hudson Institute eNews blog

The Hudson Institute of Medical Research has featured our first Fellowship winner, Dr Sam Greenall, in its weekly eNews blog.

"Dr Greenall is an expert in evaluating and testing different drugs and therapies for the treatment of adult and pediatric brain cancers. As the inaugural Ethan Davies Fellow, Dr Greenall will be involved in tackling the problem of getting patient-derived ependymoma to grow in dishes in the laboratory.

At present, ependymoma tumours can only be grown in mice, which is not effective for screening hundreds of drugs simultaneously to see which is most effective at killing cancer cells.

The Fellowship will enable Dr Greenall to characterise exactly what factors allow ependymoma tumours to grow, and then grow these tumour cells in a dish in the lab.

If successful, this research will pave the way for researchers to screen drugs rapidly and effectively, quickly identifying any agents that kill ependymoma tumours for transfer into the clinic."

Dr Sam Greenall speaking at the official launch of the Ethan Davies Fellowship

Read the full article here.

Niek van Santen