Ethan Davies Fellowship established by new agreement with the Telethon Kids Institute

We are excited to announce the signing of an agreement for the formal establishment of an exciting new visiting fellowship scheme within the Telethon Kids Cancer Centre, a research unit of the Telethon Kids Institute.

The Ethan Davies Fellowship will facilitate collaborative childhood brain cancer research between the Institute and other research institutes around the world by supporting “inbound” and “outbound” visiting fellows, with a particular emphasis on paediatric ependymoma.

The Fellowship will fill a funding gap identified in recent discussions between Shannon Davies and the Telethon Kids Institute’s Professor Paul Watt (Senior Principal Program Manager, Head of Drug Discovery Unit and Associate) and Tim McInnis (Head of Development), and builds on the success of the Ethan Davies Scholarship for Brain Cancer Research which was established by the Davies family in May 2012.

Niek van Santen